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Property Management

Dealing with property and construction can be a gruesome task and that is why it requires expert skill and cutting edge ways and means of accomplishing tasks to succeed. While is maybe one of the hardest tasks to accomplish, it becomes one of the easiest, when you have a partner along with you who has experience and expertise in accomplishing your task to be.

It is thus that the Eagle I Property Group has ranked amongst the best of the business, gaining success after success in its business ventures.

Eagle I Property Group believes that a successful business ventures can be created only when trust, excellence and technology move hand in hand together.As such, with a vision to transform the construction industry by building smart, we at Eagle I have, over generations worked hard towards striving towards the goal of constantly innovating and reconstructing our ideologies so as to suit the demands of the ever growing and frequently changing trends of the modern property industry.

Who We Are

Our Ideology

Our ideology at Eagle I mainly revolve around the great trust between our clients and our corporations. With a history of excellent client relationships and of great constructions, Eagle I Property Group has always been at the forefront of the market, thanks to our valued clients and customers who have over decades developed stable and trustworthy connections with us.

As such, we pride ourselves on being able to provide trustworthy construction services among others to our clients.

What differentiates us from all other property groups and construction agencies is our stability and sustainability.

As an organization vying with its competitors to be amongst the best in the world, we believe that a property or a construction service is not something that is done overnight. We firmly believe in the fact that property and construction ventures and businesses must be stable, so as to be warranted and guaranteed of safety to the client, while also being sustainable, giving the clients and customers of ours, the best experience of property and construction deals. This stability and sustainability has been the strength which has kept us in the forefront of the industry.

Throughout history, we have been able to develop ourselves and our ventures in a successful manner by adhering to our protocols of customer satisfaction and customer relationship. We, at Eagle I Property Group, believe that customers come first. We make our customers and clients, partners and communities of our ventures. We establish a network between our clients thereby building a bridge among us, which has helped us develop our ventures into smart, reliable, sustainable and extremely successful property ventures.

The services provided by Eagle I Property Group vary in a huge spectrum.

We provide construction services to clients interested in building world class constructions with up to date and cutting edge technology that would help create the best of the best construction services around. The fact that they can be acquired at a cost which is very much feasible makes us the top rated service provider among construction service providers of the nation. Our Constructions have a proven history of being amongst the top rated buildings and constructions in various areas of the United States.

We also specialize in interior designing. Our designing concepts have been providing excellent modern concepts for various industries, helping them succeed in terms of uniqueness and creativity.

Dreams can be big. When those dreams are so big, accomplishing them matters very much. We can do what others can’t. We can accomplish your dreams the way you want it accomplished. Contact us to build your dream home. Let it be where you live your dream life.


The days of antiquity and classical have elapsed. Now is the time for modernization. Modernization requires buildings and constructions that follow the modern way. While it has now become a norm to be in possession of modern constructions, it has also become a need to compete in the constantly growing market of construction and property services. We, at Eagle I Property Group, specialize in creating modern buildings utilizing the available space effectively and efficiently, thereby creating the best possible construction for your properties.

We also provide innovative architectural services utilizing highly efficient modern technology and world class experts of architecture, in order to assist you with architectural designs, concepts and plans to create the best possible outcome for your endeavors.

Opportunity to accomplish Dreams

In addition to our services related to the construction industry, we also believe that any person who wishes to invest in our successful programs and ventures must be given the opportunity to accomplish his dreams, thereby becoming a partner of our organization. They will become one of the many who constantly taste our success together with us. In this regard, we have facilitated the EB5 Visa Program which provides investment opportunities for international investors who wish to invest in construction facilities and ventures in the United States of America. This investment opportunity has opened the doors for foreign investors who wish to establish themselves in the States.

We do not limit ourselves to the vast array of services thus provided as above. We believe that smart building and construction services are required to succeed in this industry. It is in that belief that we have developed our Research and Market Analysis teams which keep us constantly motivated and updated on the current market trends. This, we believe, is the biggest advantage we have over other organizations competing in our industry.

We also attribute a huge part of our success to our Custom Project Development schemes, which, after strong and sequential communication with the customers, have been able to put together the best and most satisfactory projects customized for the needs of each and every customer in terms of feasibility, facility and completeness.

Join us to witness your best decision yet!

The quality control program at Eagle I Property Group is an essential part of all the planning activities and for supervision of Contract projects. A meeting is conducted prior to execution with the subcontractors to ensure that all parties are working on the same page.

Through the provision of turnkey solutions; we make sure to convert your dream into a reality without an ounce of hassle or worry on your part. Every inch of your property is your asset and we strive to make as valuable as it can be.