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Eagle I Property Group – EB-5 Program

Eagle I Property Group is unlike any other conventional real estate business. What makes us special is our scope and standard of operation. We have mastered the real estate business by venturing in to every service the industry can offer you. We don’t just offer all the services under one roof, instead we offer it with assurance and excellence under one roof. Our real estate services include land acquisition, construction, real estate brokering and legal advice. We are also registered and licensed to carry out operations in the states of Massachusetts and North Carolina.
With our wide range of in house real estate services by industry experts we combine another powerful service. We provide the popular EB-5 visa program for individual foreign investments in collaboration with regional EB-5 centers. The investments are employed in our highly successful in house real estate services and projects, all of which qualify for the EB-5 visa program. When you decide to process your EB-5 visa through Eagle I your investments are secure, because we are transparent in process.

What is EB-5 visa program?

  • EB-5 visa program is a gateway to obtain US citizenship, in other way it is known as Investment Green Card.
  • USCIS (Department of Homeland Security) refers to this program as investment green card as it provides substantial financial commitment to create additional employment in the US.
  • This program does not require the investor to manage day-to-day activities of a business.
  • With a Green Card, you can live anywhere in the US, no matter where the investment is made, and are free to do whatever you wish, be it work, run a business or retire.

EB-5 investments can be done in two ways:

  1. Invest $1,000,000 into a trading company and hire ten US employees anywhere in the US.
  2. Invest in a Government designated EB-5 Regional Center and avoid direct employment.The investment sum is $500,000 (if qualified as TEA project*) or $1,000,000. A Regional Center is allowed to rely on indirect and induced jobs not only direct jobs.

* Targeted Employment Area (TEA), is an area where the unemployment rate exceeds the national average by 150% or rural population is less than 20,000.

EB-5 Investment is Complicated.We Make it Easy!

Successfully Helping Immigrant Investors and Their Families Earn U.S. Green Cards

Investment Overview

The Best Way to Invest in EB-5

As you might be aware now there are two main modes of investing in an EB-5 program. Direct investment by foreign investors and investing in commercial enterprises approved by regional centers. Undoubtedly the decision to invest in commercial enterprises approved by regional centers is the best for a number of reasons.

  • The greatest possibility of your visa application being accepted
    Guaranteed investment projects and commercial enterprises with greater profitability.
  • The whole complicated process of an EB-5 visa application simplified.
    Expert and qualified assistance with regard to the application as well as the investment.
  • Government approved regional centers and center approved projects and businesses.

Verification of source funds.As a regional center approved business we at Eagle I have secured excellent investment opportunities which would ensure total acceptance of the EB-5 visa application and exceptional annual profit on capital invested.

The Easiest Way to Live the American Dream

We on behalf of Eagle I property group welcome you along with your family to experience the American dream via the EB-5 Immigration Investor Program.

As a successful EB-5 visa applicant you can experience

  • The fastest way to permanent residency in the US with your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years.
  • Live and work anywhere in the US without any limitations
    Educational access to all public educational institutes ranging from elementary to universities.
  • Greater chances of obtaining a US citizenship over the time.

EB5 Visa F.A.Q’S

How many EB-5 visas issued each year by USCIS?

This program allocates 10,000 visas per year for qualified investors and their families.

What is a Designated Regional Center?

EB-5 Regional centers are organizations authorized by USCIS to receive and manage EB-5 investor funds. Regional centers promote economic development and job creation within a specific geographic area.

What is a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) high unemployment area?

TEA is a geographical area that is classified as either rural area or high unemployment area. TEA rural areas must not be within a metropolitan area or on the outskirts of a city with a population of 20,000 residents. TEA high unemployment area must have an unemployment area of at least 150 percent of the US national average. Investing in TEA areas will have advantage of lowering capital to 500K USD instead of 1M USD. Another advantage of investing with a regional center, will be helpful to locate a project that falls under TEA criteria.

What is the most common issues that is associated with EB-5 cases?

The main common issue regarding EB-5 visa would be vetting the source of funds or lack of appropriate documents related to the funds.

What are means of legally sourcing the investment?

The legal ways to source the investment would be:

  • Savings through lawful employment
  • Gifts from parents or ancestral property
  • Loans from third party with solid documentation on re-payment.
  • Stocks or fixed deposits or sale of lawful assets.

What kind of investment options, will the investor have with Eagle I Property Group?

Eagle I Property Group has wide range expertise in developing and not related to residential, commercial, hotels and mixed use development.

What is the risk factor to the investment associated with this program?

According to US immigration law, all EB-5 investments are subjected to risk but we provide a level of trust and transparency to the investment by offering returns every quarter. Even the investment maturity is just 5 years from the day of final amount received.

What is the rate of return on investment (ROI)?

USCIS rulings and regulations require all EB-5 investments to subject as risky, but we specify each project with risk reward analysis.

What is the exit strategy from this program?

All administration fees associated are non-refundable but the capital will be returned based on the project feasibility and market stability, not more than one fiscal year.

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