Construction Services

It takes years to make a house into a home and if that house is not what you imagined, you might find a hard time making it into a home. Poorly constructed houses add stress to everyday routine and ruin your life with your family. Not only this, but the same goes for offices as well.

A well-constructed office building not only gives a plus to your company’s image in front of your clients and customers but also adds to employee satisfaction where they can work in a relaxed environment, eventually leading to more productivity. This is where Eagle Property Group steps in as pioneers of the industry to add that perfect charm to your life, be it your home or workplace.

Whether it is the construction of a new building or reconstruction of an already built property, our team of experts includes the best professionals in the field when it comes to providing high quality and reliable construction services. From traditional to Modern architecture, we have it all covered.

Our team of experts is equipped with the best planning and execution tool to deal with your construction needs within time and budget without compromising on the quality. Whether you are planning to construct a new office to set up your business or a warehouse to store your inventories, an industrial facility for production or to deconstruct an old building to set up something new our expertise in the field will provide you the best services you will never regret.

360-Degree Approach

Construction of a commercial, industrial or residential building has to be the most responsible task out there. A poorly constructed building can be life-threatening for your family or staff and that’s a risk you would not like to take. From land acquisition to design to procurement to final finishing, every step of the construction process has to be well managed or otherwise it can disturb the entire schedule, budget and often leads to compromise on the quality. On the other hand, Eagle I Property group ensures to streamline budget performance, cost control, schedule management and quality control.

Our mission of building smart is for the modern heart who believes in smart and sustainable solutions that are both innovative and environment-friendly. Our team specializes in Concept Designing that reflects your personal style and need and brings together the best individuals to materialize that concept. The Construction Services from Eagle I Property Group are provided using a 360-degree approach, considering economic, environmental and all possible physical aspects. This approach is supported by our rich human and physical resource including best professional in the field and the latest machinery. At the top of all, every service is provided ensuring the complete work-site health and safety of the workers.

New Home Construction

You might have been tired of hiring incompetent contractors for an overhaul of your beloved house but we never get tired of providing the best services to our customers. We acknowledge the value of a home to an individual and a family and so we do our utmost to make a home where your heart belongs. No matter how small or large, we are here to provide the best services for your New Home Construction.

Every inch of a home is special, be it the bathroom or the kitchen or the living room where the entire family rests together in the afternoon. Our team of architects makes sure to design a home that is luxurious, yet comfortable and add a personal touch to your new home. Our team believes in client satisfaction and every step is taken with the client’s approval from design to construction. Whether you need a traditional touch or a contemporary style, you will get more than what you have dreamt of. You bring your ideas and our team will put your ideas onto the paper and into a reality.

From bathroom tiles to bedroom wallpapers, we procure our materials from the best vendors without comprising on the quality, yet it is easy on your pocket. We provide access to hundreds of designs in tiles, fittings, wallpapers, lightnings and kitchenware etc. for you to choose from

From buying the land to handing over the keys to your new home, we will be your partners every step of the way and give you a house, where you’ll never have to worry for leaking pipes or broken ceilings.

Project Planning & General Contract

The right planning for any project is the key to success. With a fierce focus on the success of a project, every step of the planning process is done using the best planning software and tools. The Project Planning is done with an active involvement of planning executives with the other staff to ensure a foolproof plan. The planning process also incorporates a careful and detailed estimation of project costs and schedule for every stage of the design and development. An effective risk management plan is essentially integrated into the project plan to relieve the client from every possible trouble throughout the way.

To assist our clients in whatever way possible, Eagle Property Group also provides the services of a General Contractor for contract negotiations, financial management, procurement, and field supervision. Being a service provider for Project Planning and General Contract, we consider ourselves equally liable for providing the best services in terms of design, planning, cost and quality control, scope outlook and everything else that affects the project’s successful completion as per the client’s expectation and satisfaction.

Join us to witness your best decision yet!

The quality control program at Eagle I Property Group is an essential part of all the planning activities and for supervision of Contract projects. A meeting is conducted prior to execution with the subcontractors to ensure that all parties are working on the same page.

Through the provision of turnkey solutions; we make sure to convert your dream into a reality without an ounce of hassle or worry on your part. Every inch of your property is your asset and we strive to make as valuable as it can be.


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