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Who We Are

We Are A Team Of Innovators, Real Estate Dealers, Architectures And Urban Designers

The Eagle I Property Group is a renowned and trustworthy name in the real estate and construction industry. We have worked on numerous high-end and premier projects which turned out to be successful for our valuable clients. We have developed a name of trust, reliability and financial stability over a period of time. We are committed to providing innovative, luxurious, and high-quality construction and real estate services to the clients that would embark a long-term economic and social value to the property. We are officially licensed to work in the states of Massachusetts and North Carolina.

Team Work

Our team believes in providing value to the customers in an environment nourished with trust, comfort, connectivity, reliability, and understanding. Each member of the group possesses vast experience in real estate business and property advice.

Customer satisfaction is that one aspect that we never let go of when it comes to the land acquisition, interior designing, architectural designs and overall construction of buildings. Ask away your questions and concerns and you will get to the paths of success to achieve your ultimate goal.

We don’t work individually, instead, we work as one team, which brainstorms and works together to come up with the best real estate offers and advice that could potentially generate great

Our services are not limited to these particular states instead we also welcome and fully support international investments. The Eagle Property Group also offers an EB-5 Visa program for all those individual real estate investors who are interested in getting the best property deals and guidance.

We are less bothered by the market competition who are offering same real estate advice or construction services rather more focused on providing market researched legal and real estate advice to our local and foreign investors.

We have invested years in real estate development projects and have grown steadily over a period of time and we are proud to say that we have developed relationships based on trust and reliance.

Legal Advice And Guidance - All In Here

You have landed on the right platform if you are seeking to get a legal US citizenship and want to invest in the profitable piece of land. Our professional and experienced real estate agent and legal advisers are here to advise and guide you with the best opportunities available in the market.

Our company’s dedicated commitment towards quality and innovation has pioneered significant urban development projects. We offer guaranteed capital returns on money invested by foreign investors.

What Makes Us Different ?

Rest assured, you will not be left alone in the whole process of real estate development. Whether you are a local investor or a foreign investor, our team will keep you updated about your money invested and you will be granted profitable capital returns. Our processing system is transparent and we do not keep anything hidden from our investors.

  • We will keep you in the loop to keep you updated about every little piece of information, as it is a great way of achieving success.
  • The Eagle I Property Group is one of its own kind and works only with professionalism. We have a team of expert real estate development agents and legal advisers who are well-versed with the working of EB-5 program.
  • We have strong professional yet friendly terms with the local governing bodies which makes it easy to get done with the process in a timely manner.
Its all about Our investors

Who would bother to invest in an agency who’d be more interested in raising their own sales instead of working for the brand recognition of their real estate development of the investors? We are proud of our team and the services we have provided so far, however, we have always been interested in bringing success to our investors’ property by offering higher interest returns.

We will ask questions about how much you would want to invest, what type of property or construction work you are looking for and thus perform accordingly. We will work with your group to limit any difficulties and encourage the whole real estate or construction advancement process through solid, individual correspondence, research and market investigation and custom undertaking improvement.